Actor/BET Host/Artist Sam Sarpong signs on to Co Star in new Fox pilot ” Studio City”


Actor\ Supermodel\ Artist\BET Host Sam Sarpong has signed on to co star
in the

Warner Brothers television produced Fox pilot “Studio City”. The pilot
has been the

most talked about pilot of the season. The show comes from Empire Executive

producer Sanaar Hamri, Grey’s Anatomy Executive producer Krista Vernoff,
and ER

creator John Wells. The show is about a singer UK newcomer Florence Pugh

pursuing a singing career while her father played by Will and Grace
star, Eric

McCormick, a former songwriter trys to help guide her on her journey to

The cast also stars Heather Gram, who plays her mother and American idol

Chris Daughtry as a former rock star drug addict. Sam will play a very

Rapper\ Producer “Pinky” who Eric Mccormick is trying to get to produce his

daughter. He most recently won “Best Actor” at the 2015 Nike
Procter&Gamble San

Diego Black Film Festival for a lead role in the film, “No Weapons
Formed Against

us”. He will also star as Thomas Saltz, in a re occurring role on the
Fox hit show

“Bones” which starts this Thursday April 9th. Sam who was named as one of

Rolling Stones Magazines “Hot 100″ list last year also has a single
“Lovin” due out

April 14th and is currently on tour with his “Mr Fashion” World Tour. He

closed LA’s Style Fashion week May 1st through the 15th and will be
hitting his

hometown London for shows in the UK and June 26th-28th the “Mr Fashion”

will also be part of the BET Experience.

Supermodel\Actor Sam Sarpong spotted at Hard Rock Cafe


Supermodel/Actor Sam Sarpong was spotted at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego this weekend
with his entourage which consisted of, WE tv hit show airing now “America’s it Girl” model
Rahil Mannai and celebrity designer Andre Soriano from the bravo hit show “Rock this
Fashion.” Sarpong was in town for the prestigious San Diego Film Festival in which he took
home the best actor award for his role in the film, “No Weapons Formed Against Us,” which had
a record 5 nominations. He was seen in the lobby signing autographs for fans, as well as taking
pictures with all his female fans inside the Hard Rocks club 207. This season he can be seen on
the hit show, “Bones” and his first single, “High Rolla” is due out on February 14 th. He’s
currently on his worldwide, “Mr Fashion” tour, which he hopes to bring to club 207 soon. “I got
so much love here at the Hard Rock, everyone was asking me all weekend why I’m not hosting
and performing, so hopefully we’ll make that happen soon. I love this place.” Make sure you
guys check his instagram @mrsamsarpong for up coming tour dates.

credit: Micheal Fisher and Mar-Yarna Agency
Photos by Micheal Fisher



Sam Sarpong and Eugenia Kuzmina have been voted by Celebrity Fashion as two of their top 10 Super Models in the world for 2014. The list features some of the biggest names in fashion such as Heidi Klum, Tyson Beckford, Tyra Banks and Noami Campbell. The models were ranked by how much they’ve accomplished in their career beyond fashion.
Sam and Eugenia just recently shot the 2015 Boy London Fashion Editorial Campaign for the cover of the premiere issue of The Elite Man magazine due out January 2015.  Kuzmina has been featured in such magazines as Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire made the list because of her successful crossover to acting. She has appeared in such films as “Fading Gigolo” with Woody Allen and such TV shows as “New Girl” and “Castle”. Kuzmina stated, “I feel lucky to work with so many talented people and being part of a creative team that’s inspirational and I’m always looking to give back.”
Sam Sarpong has been considered one of the top 10 male models in the world the past decade. He’s modeled For such designers as, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, D&G, Jean Paul Gaultier, DKNY, Jean Philippe and was the face of Tommy Hilfiger for seven years.
Last, Sam received the prestigious Fashion Icon Award at the BEFFTA’s in the UK. He was also named 2013 Men Style Fashion magazines “Star of The Year.”  Sarpong made the list because he’s a jack of all trades. He has been a television host for both MTV and BET the past decade. In 2012 he played the lead in the highly praised indie “Anchor Baby” which was a favorite at Cannes and Toronto film festival.  He has 3 films due out first quarter of next year including “No Weapons”,”Battered” and “Crossed the Line” opposite Ice T and Vanessa Williams. “I feel honored to be on a list with such diverse people with amazing careers.”

Photo Credit:eGlamour photography, Jovi for JB Pro images,Sascha Knopft,Glamour Magazine,Neiman  Marcus,Mikeal Martin,Story by Stacey Hearts.




LA Fashion week is getting bigger and bigger every season and last year with the mayor Eric
Garcetti making a big push for the city to get behind fashion week, it was the largest attended
fashion week in LA history.
This season the buzz is even bigger and no male model is hotter with buzz than Super model
Sam Sarpong. After over a decade in the fashion industry with some of the biggest campaigns
for designers such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, Ben Sherman, Jean Philippe, Ed Hardy, just to
name a few, Sarpong is now hotter than ever.
Last year he received the Icon Fashion Award at the Beffta’s in the UK. He was also named by
Men’s Style Fashion magazine as it’s “Star of the Year”. He is also still the only model to ever
have a statue in the prestigious California African American Museum.
This season Sam will start his fashion week schedule by being the celebrity host for African
Fashion & Art Week, which kicks off fashion week this weekend at the LA Fashion Studio
downtown. He will also be walking again for Celebrity designer M the Movement’s show.
Besides the M show he will headline shows for Horse of Arabia and be the only male model for
high end designer Andre Soriano’s show, who has one of the highest anticipated shows this
“I love working with different cool designers worldwide and Andre is from the Philippines and
his clothes are so unique.” Now if that’s not enough, he will also be the only celebrity male judge
for LA’s fashion week design competition contest for new designers which will be judged by him
and last years project runway winner Dom Streater.
Sam who can currently still be seen in the iconic brand Boy London’s ads everywhere said “I just
want to keep evolving I’ve been so blessed in this fashion game and I just want to keep going and
continue to see where it can take me.
Jovi Bontolo,eglamour photography, Curtis Sabir, James Lyons,Allen Hollister, Bustle Clothing,
Story by Malanie Smith,


Actor David Fernandez JR. Appearing In His Next Big Film “The Man On Carrion Road!”

David Fernandez 2David-Fernandez-jr-1

We just had alot of fun seeing one of our favorite actors David Fernandez JR chatting up actress Tori Spelling in a funny scene on the hot show “Mystery Girls!” Now we are getting ready to see David on the big screen in his next hit movie “The Man On Carrion Road!” The film also stars actors Patrick Wilson and John Leguizamo!!




Supermodel And Actress Lindsay Davis Stops By Trendy Restaurant “The Ivy” In Beverly Hills Before Heading To The Emmy Awards!!



Supermodel , Actress Lindsay Davis looked stunning in her Leopard print and stripe dress while arriving with her mother Fay Davis at trendy restaurant “The Ivy” in Beverly Hills. Lindsay stopped for a quick meal before hitting the red carpet for the 2014 Emmy Awards in Los Angeles! Lindsay has been busy this year performing in such films as “Hunger Games-Catching Fire”and the show “We’re The Millers!”Lindsay has also been spending a lot of time working at campaigning for heart causes around the country and working on legislation to protect student athletes against sudden cardiac arrest incidents.


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Insecurity on Heaven – Celebs and Plastic Surgery

Stars or celebrities have so much on their plate as compared to most people. To them, it’s not about fame and money, but they do realize this when it’s a bit too late, when their lives do not belong to them anymore. While they might portray some strong characters on TV and screen, at the end of the day, like most people, they are left searching for their identities. 

Public Court: The Stars Cannot Afford To Make Mistakes

The stars cannot afford to have a single misstep in their behavior, they cannot get angry with anybody, and go for shopping freely without being denied time to be himself or herself. However, somehow they appear to do everything wrong. They are considered uppity when they cannot wait to sign those autographs and when they wait to sign for the autographs; they are trying hard to attract people. Each and every person can fail in one way or the other in their career. But the price of such failures is not significant for the ordinary people when compared to stars. Thus they cannot afford to fail. The public puts a high premium or celebs and they people are normally very excited when a star fails. It’s anxieties like this which normally lead them to think they can extend their career for a longer time, if they go for plastic surgeries.

Stars Will Go for Some Changes in Their Appearance

Celeb plastic surgery has a long history and it has become less expensive but not often for stars. Imbued with anxiety about their looks and appearance, and competition, they are more than willing to undergo some dramatic changes, even if they have to strip or fall for a while. However, there is a thin line between a person so much concerned about his or her career, and is therefore opting for plastic surgery and another person constantly finding fault with her or his appearance, notwithstanding the number of plastic surgery procedure they undergo. 

The Body Dysmorphic Disorder Causes Anxieties about People and Their Appearance

Mentally sound stars or celebrities are frequently satisfied with the surgical procedure done on him or her, and will not start looking for another excuse to go

for plastic surgery. However, the other kind of celebrity is one that might be having what is called Body Dysmorphic Disorder, or BDD.

Insecurities about Physical Appearance will Make the Most Beautiful Stars go for Plastic Surgeries

A person suffering from this will constantly find fault with his or her personal appearance and will end up spending more time in plastic surgeon’s office than at home. The person will also become quite obsessed with her or his appearance flaws so that he or she cannot divert attention to other kind of works whether it is career related or work related. It’s not normally one or two predefined flaws which the person sees or discovers in his or her physical appearance but a chain of corrections which keep cropping up out of blues, as if such person can be perfect through going for plastic surgeries

This kind of attitude towards this procedure is basically a mental disorder. It should be differentiated from attempts to get rid of wrinkles and appear attractive through adding breast implants and butts. Each one of us, to some extent, is vain in a way and the stars can be allowed to be more than the rest due to their career requirements.


Some of our insecurities are related to the look and behave. However, a person should be able to deal with his or her looks and behavior. The stars should know that they too are the most beautiful people on earth, thus should love themselves the way they were created!